Musical performance by Trio folk band with Suman Gaida on Guitar, Shreejal Sayanju on Nagara and Roshik Jadhari on Sarangi.

In this talk, Naresh Kusi speaks about one of the endangered species “Wild Yak”. He believes that losing a species is synonymous with losing a natural heritage. The future of wild yaks of Nepal, that are ‘Critically Endangered’ in the country, is in the hands of people who strive to work on the ground to prevent the species from going truly extinct. Naresh Kusi, a native of Bhaktapur, is a wildlife biologist exploring the Himalayan landscape of Nepal. His team has generated many important findings on the high altitude wildlife of Nepal including the rediscovery of wild yak (the new five rupee note of Nepal carries the photograph of a wild yak taken by his team) and discovery of two species of birds new for Nepal.

In this talk, Niraj lawaju presents his visionary ideas and exemplary explanation to defy the popular belief that politics is a dirty game. Through this talk, he motivates youth to get familiar with the Politics and restore their ideas to positive sides of politics. Niraj Lawoju is a journalist by profession. Previously he was editor-in-chief of Majdoor Daily. These days he is pursuing his writing passion through various printing and online media. He majorly writes on contemporary issues, mostly political.

In this talk, Roja Kiran Basukala calls upon the girls to embark upon the world of innovation and creation as she believes every woman is capable as a woman because technology knows no gender. She is now determined to proceed until “gender equality is achieved in the field of information and technology” Roja Kiran Basukala currently working as deputy director in Nepal Telecommunications Authority. She completed Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from TU and Masters in Information and Communication Engineering from Chosun University, Korea. Additionally She have acquired L.L.B. degree and Masters of Public Administration degree from Tribhuvan University.

In this talk, Santosh Pandey talks about his journey from the shy, introverted boy to the top-class entrepreneur. How he embarks on his step by breaking the cocoon of his comfort zone to grab the series of opportunities. He believes that life gives you limited editions of opportunities, grab it when life bestow. Santosh Pandey is the Co-Founder of Offering Happiness, Nepal’s largest gifting platform pioneering in experiential gifting, surprise planning & corporate gifting (est. 2017). He is the winner of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA)-Nepal 2018 and has represented Nepal in its global competition, Macao.

Event Location

Event Venue : Hotel Heritage, Barahisthan(Gapali), Bhaktapur
Event Date : 3rd September 2022

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