TED Courses are here! Introducing a new way to learn, imagine and grow

Attention curious thinkers, knowledge-seekers, dreamers and doers! If you have a love for learning, you’ll love this.

From astrophysics to vulnerability, TED Speakers have taught us so much over the years. With lifelong learners like you in mind, we’re taking the informative power of the talk to another level. TED Courses are a new, interactive way to learn skills that matter from the speakers you love. Whether you want to improve your memory or tap into your imagination, each TED Course will give you a roadmap to turn ideas into action and help you jumpstart your growth journey. We invite you to join a community of people from around the world who will all learn with you, and see how your inspiration ignites and new connections take shape.

Event Location

Event Venue : Hotel Heritage, Barahisthan(Gapali), Bhaktapur
Event Date : 3rd September 2022

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