Niraj Lawoju

Niraj Lawoju
Journalist, Writer

Niraj Lawoju is a journalist by profession. Previously he was editor-in-chief of Majdoor Daily. These days he is pursuing his writing passion through various printing and online media. He majorly writes on contemporary issues, mostly political. He is equally interested in creative writing and so he reviews books and films as part of creative writing. Translation is one of the next genres he works. He regularly translates relevant op-ed pieces and books. His translated matters are published in various online portals and newspapers. With his expertise in presenting unique approaches and perspectives about current national or international political happening, he is quite acknowledged by people.

Book reading is his passion. He is an active member of the Book Club Bhaktapur. Lawoju has two master’s degrees from Tribhuvan University – Masters in English and Masters in Political Science. He was a student activist during his University days. He has participated in certain political and educational movements.

Event Location

Event Venue : Hotel Heritage, Barahisthan(Gapali), Bhaktapur
Event Date : 3rd September 2022

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