Roja Kiran Basukala, Deputy Director of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Vice President of Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation, Executive Member of Women in Information Technology and advisor to the Women in ICT Committee of CAN Federation. She holds B.E. (Computer), L.L.B and M.P.A degrees from Tribhuvan University and Masters degree in Information and Communication Engineering from Chosun University, Korea.
She  has contributed in regulation of radio frequency spectrum management of 4G services, cyber security and monitoring of telecom and internet services in Nepal. She has initiated Girls in ICT campaigns in Nepal as a co-ordinator to promote more women and girls in the ICT sector.
She has been recognized as a lead expert of the Working Group on Spectrum of South Asian Telecommunication Regulators’ Council by Asia Pacific Telecommunity. She been awarded with National ICT Excellence Award (Woman), Outstanding Youth Professional Award and Most Influential Person this year.

Rupesh Shrestha,is a well-known Television News Personality associated with Kantipur TV and host of the flagship talks show of KTV – FIRESIDE.

He has worked for AP1 TV, Capital Media Group and other media platforms for almost two decades in various capacities including creative head and human resource manager except for broadcasting jobs. Shrestha is a student of Communication and Journalism, keen on human psychology and human resource development.

Shrestha is a trainer and coach for Personal Development and Behavioral Skills. Shrestha is specifically known for his exciting and game-changer programs on Leadership, Communication, Public Speaking and many others. He is a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and self-learned Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Practitioner.

He has worked for AP1 TV, Capital Media Group and other media platforms for almost two decades in various capacities including creative head and human resource manager except for broadcasting jobs. Shrestha is a student of Communication and Journalism, keen on human psychology and human resource development.

He is also a poet with an anthology published under his name.

Sitaram Hachhethu is a Former Inspector of Traffic Police and current Chief of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Police. He has had a considerable experience of 29 years as traffic police. During his long-run service as Traffic police, he was honored with a total of 129 awards. Among all of these, he was awarded the most prestigious award “Gorkha Dakshina Bahu” for his devotion to the country and its people.

Hachhethu initiated several reforms in the traffic and road management system in Nepal. It was through his initiation that ‘MaPaSe’ check became an actual thing and drunken drivers were examined.

Since taking over the lead of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Police, Hachhethu along with his team carried out several road reform functions. He set out to fix dangling wires, fill potholes, bringing down obstructive roadside poles, liquor adverts, illegal fences, and road-encroaching shops. His contribution to maintain road cleanliness, keeping temples clean, and managing crowds and roadside vendors beat out the best.

Hachhethu has also been very strict about planned parking . He introduced penalties for those parking their vehicles at no parking zones in the Lalitpur metropolitan city. As per the rule, two-wheeler and four-wheeler violators are fined Rs 500 and Rs 1,000, respectively. He believes that his way of the implication of new rules is the process of building a system.

Santosh Pandey is the Co-Founder of Offering Happiness which was established in 2017 and now stands as Nepal’s largest gifting platform pioneering in experiential gifting, surprise planning and corporate gifting.

He is the winner of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA)-Nepal 2018 and has represented Nepal in its global competition, Macao. He has also won the Seedstars Kathmandu 2019 as the best startup in Kathmandu and was selected from Asia Summit, Cambodia to compete in its Global Summit, Switzerland.

He was awarded the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List-Retail and eCommerce. He is also the co-founder and director of Oho Cake Pvt. Ltd., Nepal’s fastest-growing technology-enabled cake brand. He has also worked as the Program Director of We Inspire Nepal and as the Project Coordinator of the US Embassy Youth Council Nepal. He has been involved in many other campaigns and projects of youth empowerment for over 10 years.

Naresh Kusi, a native of Bhaktapur, is a wildlife biologist exploring the Himalayan landscape of Nepal. His team has generated many important findings on the high altitude wildlife of Nepal including the rediscovery of wild yak. The new five rupee note of Nepal carries the photograph of a wild yak taken by his team.  He was also involved in the discovery of two species of birds new for Nepal.

He currently works as the country program director at the Himalayan Wolves Project and project coordinator at Resources Himalaya Foundation. A PhD student at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, he has an MSc in Environmental Science from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and a Post-graduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice from WildCRU, University of Oxford, UK.

He’s a recipient of the Young Conservation Leader Award 2016 and has published three books and two fables together with about a dozen scientific articles in International peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Niraj Lawoju is a journalist by profession. Previously he was editor-in-chief of Majdoor Daily. These days he is pursuing his writing passion through various printing and online media. He majorly writes on contemporary issues, mostly political. He is equally interested in creative writing and so he reviews books and films as part of creative writing. Translation is one of the next genres he works. He regularly translates relevant op-ed pieces and books. His translated matters are published in various online portals and newspapers. With his expertise in presenting unique approaches and perspectives about current national or international political happening, he is quite acknowledged by people.

Book reading is his passion. He is an active member of the Book Club Bhaktapur. Lawoju has two master’s degrees from Tribhuvan University – Masters in English and Masters in Political Science. He was a student activist during his University days. He has participated in certain political and educational movements.

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